What exactly is UV-C disinfection and what does CleanLight do with it?

CleanLight has been building smart disinfection installations for years that kill bacteria and fungi by means of UV-C. Think of our crop reinforcement, air purification and water purification. 15 years ago we started in agriculture, with the disinfection of crops, but nowadays CleanLight is also used for the disinfection of spaces such as in hospitals, theaters, bars, etc. But what exactly is UV-C? And why is this UV-C light suitable for disinfection? We will explain this a little bit in this blog post!

Different types of light 
When you think of light, you may immediately think of a lamp that you can turn on and off. You probably think of light that you can actually see. The light that ensures that we as humans can see different colors and the light that makes the difference between day and night. But did you know that we only see part of all the light? We can distinguish between UV-A, UV-B, UV-C.

98.7% of the UV light reaching the Earth’s surface consists of UV-A. UV-A light causes skin aging, but also melanoma. Melanoma is the worst form of skin cancer. That is why it is always said that you should not walk in the sun for too long and apply yourself well with sunscreen.

The remaining 1.3% of the UV light reaching the Earth’s surface consists of UV-B. UV-B light causes your skin to brown in the summer, but it also causes burning. UV-B light is also good for the earth itself, because it converts oxygen into ozone and allows the ozone layer to slowly recover.

UV-C light does not pass through the ozone layer. That’s a good thing, because this radiation kills everything and everyone. So what we can do is generate UV-C artificially and then use it in lower doses to combat micro-organisms such as fungi and bacteria.

What does CleanLight do with UV-C? 
CleanLight is completely based on UV-C technology. More than 100 years ago it has been shown that UV light can kill fungi (SOURCE, just search link on google). CleanLight has been using this UV technology for years to disinfect agricultural crops. We use low doses of UV-C, because we obviously do not want to affect the crops and people. Nowadays we use CleanLight not only in agriculture, but also in hospitals and other public spaces.

Instead of hiring a cleaning crew to disinfect rooms, you can now easily use a CleanLight UV trolley to disinfect an entire room regularly.

The advantage of disinfecting with this UV-C light? There are many of them: 

  • Disinfection with UV-C is free from chemicals. UV-C can disinfect water, air and surfaces. In a very effective way, UV-C light can harm these bacteria and micro-organisms. So no chemicals need to be used for this. 
  • Even microorganisms resistant to antibiotics or chlorine are killed by UV-C light. 
  • It is not harmful to the environment (provided it is handled safely) 
  • It cleans more thoroughly than a human can do by hand. Disinfection with UV-C focuses on killing the micro-organism. Nothing is left. 

See an example of our UV trolley here: 

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