CleanLight UVc Disinfection

Succesfully applying UV-c for disinfection purposes since 2005. UV-c light is very effective against viruses, bacteria and fungi. CleanLight UV-c is not only effective on surfaces but also in water, in air, and on plants. No water consumption. No chemical residues.

UVc disinfection specialists

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15+ years of experience in multiple fields such as horticulture, medical and hospitality industry

cleanlight only works with partners with the highest quality standards


All products are made in europe and are safe to use as long as the guidelines are followed

CleanLight systems contribute to safe hygienic conditions in schools, senior homes, shopping centers, hospitals, public transport, and other public places.

“I would challenge you to find a team of specialists anywhere in Westen Europe, and certainly within The Netherlands that has more knowledge, more experience  and understanding in the field of germicidal UV. In case our team does not know the answer they consult their elaborate network of friends and colleagues in the industry.”

Arne Aiking, CEO since 2005

CleanLight offers an extensive range of products

The roots of the company lie in the Dutch greenhouse industry. Thousands of greenhouse growers reduce their dependency on harmful chemicals to control diseases on their plants with CleanLight.

Nowadays, CleanLight also works with hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, public transport, building managers, and so on. Take a look at our products, raning from simple handheld UV sanitizers to fully autonomous UVc robots that sanitize entire buildings without producing ozone and without the use of any harmful chemical.


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UV-C light kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses* when exposed to 50mJ/cm2 OF UV-C light

*Previous tests with MERS-CoV & SARS-CoV confirm inactivation levels of 99.99%

Recent Projects

Take a look at our recent projects. CleanLight UV-C is used all around the World to disinfect vegetables, offices, hotels, gyms, etc.

Sun Harvest

Chile – A new CleanLight UV Post-harvest installation in Chili at Sun Harvest. Eliminating fungi, bacteria and viruses on lilium bulbs. Ensuring top quality product.

Ocean Ceramics

Canada – CleanLight applications are being used worldwide to ensure a safe and healthy environment!

MGK Electronics

Dubai – Disinfecting hotels, gyms, hospitals and other area’s that need to be clinically disinfected.


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Since 2005 CleanLight supplies UV-c technology that applies a dosage of UV-c which disinfects, while still being safe for people and the environment.

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