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In 2006, Arne founded CleanLight in The Netherlands and began production of the most innovative, easy to use, safe and cost-effective crop protection technology ever seen. Today, our company is renowned worldwide, and we have to keep expanding to keep up with the demand for our products!

CleanLight gear is exceptionally popular for many reasons. One reason is it’s built with the highest levels of design, engineering, components, quality control, and manufacturing standards. With thousands of satisfied CleanLight gear users in at least 26 countries, our products are used indoors and outdoors in all kinds of agricultural endeavors. They’re reliable, rugged, and effective.

The same benefits CleanLight provides in agriculture and food processing help you fight the virus that causes COVID-19 and other pathogens harmful to human health. Since the global pandemic started, we’ve been fielding calls from all over the world, and helping hospitals, doctor’s offices, airports use ultraviolet light to interdict the virus.

You’ll be glad to know that integrity, a passion for making the best equipment, professionalism, ethics, and innovative, proprietary scientific research and engineering are at the core of our company ethos. Traditional interventions used to fight harmful molds, mildews, pathogens and viruses create risk, cost a lot of money, time and effort, and can endanger workers and consumers. The good news is: CleanLight UV-C has been scientifically proven to reduce and even eliminate these pathogens safely, quickly and easily.

One of the most important facets of our company is that we’re always innovating, always upgrading, always responding to the world’s needs. For example, as soon as the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic became apparent, we put our scientists to work researching the novel virus to see if UV-C could help stop its spread. It can.



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Since 2005 CleanLight supplies UV-c technology that applies a dosage of UV-c which disinfects, while still being safe for people and the environment.

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