UV Sanitizer

The UV Sanitizer is based on the popular CleanLightPro and the CleanLight Hobby Unit, which are in use across Europe and North America since 2008.

This cost effective tool allows anyone to utilize the power of UV disinfection while staying safe at all times. In homes, labs, stores, and medical practices.


The kit includes safety goggles, safety glasses, and instructions in 5 languages. Truly what we call a “plug and play product”.

Shipped via fedex

Arrives anywhere in Europe or North American within 3 working days after receipt of order in the webshop.


Unique feature in the industry, amplifies the power of the light bulb, while at the same time directing all the light away from the operator and towards the air and object that need to be disinfected.

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UV Handheld Sanitizer

  • Dimensions: W 12 x L 40 x H 12 cm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg
  • Battery option: Not available
  • UVC lamp lifetime: 10000 hours
  • Opearating speed: 4-5 seconds per spot
  • Replaceable UV-C lamp: Available
  • Safety features: Lamp, Safety glasses and gloves
  • UVC power: 40 Watt

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Since 2005 CleanLight supplies UV-c technology that applies a dosage of UV-c which disinfects, while still being safe for people and the environment.

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