UV Robot

• Minimizes the infection risk
• Increases sense of safety for visitors and employees
• Enables hotels to offer virus-free rooms
• Disinfects without the use of chemicals
• Operates hassle free and autonomous

Our robot options:
Remote Controlled Robot
Fully Autonomous Robot

fewer shadowspots

Because this UV Robot moves while disinfecting, it reaches more shadowspots compared to market leaders such as Tru-D and Xenox.


In case the operator prefers not to work near this robot while it is working, the unit can run fully autonomously. Even from a different room, behind closed doors.

verifiable efficiacy

The system records which rooms have been disinfected at what time. Furthermore, efficacy can be monitored with strategically placed sensors or UV dosage stickers on tables, walls or equipment.

data sheet

UV Robot

  • Dimensions: W55 x L65 x H165 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg
  • Robot battery: 7 hours autonomy
  • UVC battery: 3 hours
  • Charging time robot: 2 hours
  • Charging time UV-C: 2 hours
  • Replaceable UV-C battery: Optional
  • Connectivity: 4G & Wifi
  • Safety sensors: Lidar, RGBD camera, Ultra sonics
  • UVC power: 780 Watt

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Since 2005 CleanLight supplies UV-c technology that applies a dosage of UV-c which disinfects, while still being safe for people and the environment.

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